To new experiences


Admittedly it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything new on here, but don’t give up on me yet.  In fact, I was on vacation down in the great city of New Orleans, taking in some good friends, good music and, well… damn good food.

This trip was my first to the south (other than Florida, which I don’t think counts), and my first time experiencing real southern cooking.  The day I arrived in New Orleans we went out to a small restaurant out on Magazine St. called Coquette where I tried my first Pork Muffuletta.

Immediately I was astounded by the amount of sheer flavor that this sandwich managed to pull off.  Granted that a lot of it was due to the diced olives, but the pork itself packed quite a wallop as well.  For the next week I was continually amazed at the quality and richness of the food in this great city.

But now I’m back, and ready get cooking up the 5 lbs of ground meat we still have hanging (not literally) around in our freezer.  Look forward to hearing about my own recipe for Boy Scout Stir-Fry, which we just tried last night… nom nom nom.

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